“With their lives run aground, three globetrotting siblings take refuge in the last place they would ever expect -- back home in Chicago, with one another -- in this razor-sharp debut.”


After an injury cripples her dance career in the US, Sam is scouted by a wealthy Russian investor seeking ballerinas for his Versailles-esque campus in rural Russia. Not only is she geographically cut-off from the rest of the world, Sam isolates herself from friends and family as her heroin addiction takes control.

Similarly alone, Jonah, her brother, is studying elephants in the thick of Gabon. An unfortunate crossing with a poacher soon pulls Jonah into the orbit of ivory traffickers whose connection he cannot sever until he has carried out exactly what they’ve asked of him.

And then there's the third and oldest of the siblings whose life, by his own reckoning, has gone most awry. Gavin, who has just been written off his fledgling TV show, travels to Taos, New Mexico for a community theater production and becomes romantically involved with the soon to be married director.

As the Christmas holiday draws near, all three siblings reunite in Chicago to confront their past and prove that the bond between siblings is unshakeable... even in the throes of an unfathomable, and foreign, danger.