“With their lives run aground, three globetrotting siblings take refuge in the last place they would ever expect -- back home in Chicago, with one another -- in this razor-sharp debut.”


The three Brennan siblings are well on their way in the world. Samantha, the youngest, is a ballerina making her way up the ranks of a Russian dance company; her brother Jonah is a grad student studying elephants in the rainforest of Gabon; and the eldest, Gavin, has stayed closer to home, living in L.A. and acting in a cable TV series.

But as the holidays draw near, all three find themselves in varying states of crisis. Samantha is losing the battle to keep her drug addiction from ruining her career; Jonah, in his attempts to protect his elephants, gets in way too deep with a gang of ivory poachers; and Gavin's TV series is cancelled the same day his girlfriend moves out.

With their lives run aground, they reunite in their parents' home for the holidays, where they discover that the bonds between siblings are unshakable. But when their personal problems are overshadowed by a dilemma that threatens their very lives, they decide that nothing less than a journey to Africa is required to face their futures head on.

For readers of The Nest, Commonwealth, and Imagine Me Gone, The Resolutions is a contemporary look at three young people in the defining moment of their lives, by a talented author just getting started on a promising literary career.


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